The Starting Point

The hardest part of starting anything is just that: STARTING! I have a hard time starting a work out regime, a health food plan, and now, a blog.

But the first step to making ANYTHING happen is well, actually taking that first step.

I struggle with self-discipline. I haven’t quite pinpointed why but I have an inkling it involves that wonderful four-letter f word: FEAR.

If I was as awesome at self motivating myself as I am at shooting myself in the foot, I would be queen of the universe by now.

It is depressing to think of all the things that go unaccomplished and unstarted (today, that is a word) because don’t believe it will succeed. And you know what? There is always a chance it will fail.

But what scares me SO MUCH more than failure is being an old woman with grey hair reflecting on my life and wishing I had failures. Atleast failures make for a great story. Have you ever heard someone tell an entertaining story where they did NOTHING? Not my idea of a fun cocktail party.

So if I have to choose between being 80 and telling stories of sitting on my rump watching Seinfeld episodes in my youth (does 26 still qualify as ‘youth?’) or putting forth effort that, regardless of success, made me more interesting than the former, well I think the choice is clear.

Attempting to create something new and different and outside our comfort zones is TERRIFYING. But looking back on my life someday with regret and defeat frightens me even more. I always remember that 50 years from now, I will never look back on the memories of keeping it safe. Memories of efforts, attempts, and even failures, are far more exciting.


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